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A New Day in Home Care

Medical & Non-Medical Home Care

Find Your Champion

We Make It Easy to Find the Best Caregiver

Now it's easy to find the best Medical & Non-Medical Caregivers and start making your Days a Little Brighter.

Wanted Home Non-Medical Care Providers

Free Assessment

One of our Home Care Advisor will help you review all your care needs, the skill requirements and desired schedule.

Wanted Home Non-Medical Care Providers

Video Review Candidates

You will review your Certified Caregiver Candidates' interviews on video before inviting them into your home.

Wanted Home Non-Medical Care Providers

Schedule Care

Once you have found your Caregiver Champion you can schedule your first in-home care visit right way.

How Sunny Days Can Help

Trust, Safety & Dignity

A successful home care experience starts with a quality relationship between the client and the caregiver. That bond must be built on trust, understanding and compassion. To fully benefit from quality home care, trust and safety are critical. That is why we carefully screen and identify only the best caregivers we can find.  It's about helping you and your family live happier and healthier lives at home. We are fully committed to providing you with a high-quality, high-touch experience.


What Does It Take To Be A Champion

We Start by Finding the Best Caregivers

Our careful process ensures that we choose only from the best Medical & Non-Medical Caregivers.

Wanted Home Non-Medical Care Providers

Certified Caregivers

We screen for specific home care certifications such as RN, CNA, LVN, HHA and others.

Wanted Home Non-Medical Care Providers

Background Checks

We run comprehensive federal, national, state and county-level background checks.

Wanted Home Non-Medical Care Providers

Pre Employment Testing

Each Caregiver must pass a written exam before being onboarded.

Wanted Home Non-Medical Care Providers

References & Interviews

Every caregiver is given a personality assessment, as well as an in-person interview.

Champions Have Desire To Grow

Then We Make Them Better

Our mentor and continuing education program provides opportunity for our caregivers, so the best caregivers want to be part of our family.

Wanted Home Non-Medical Care Providers

Our Mentor Program

Our mentor system allows experienced caregivers to assure new caregivers are ready for their first client.

Wanted Home Non-Medical Care Providers

In-Home P2P Monitoring

Today, technology allows both safety and teaching opportunities that advances care and awareness.

Wanted Home Non-Medical Care Providers

Continuing Education

We want Caregivers that care, so we champion their desire to get better and advance their education.

Sunny Days Ahead

Contact us for a NO OBLIGATION FREE In-Home Care Evaluation and let us show you how Sunny Days Home Care can provide medical and non-medical home care solution for you or your loved one.

We Build Champions

Our vision is to become the leading senior home care provider, that attracts the best Caregivers by providing opportunity for growth, through a mentorship program and continuing education. By leveraging technology we will provide transparency, ease of engagement, quality of service and client satisfaction. Our goal is to deliver unrivaled professionalism and care to our clients.